Arris X Speed 280 V2 Racing Drone Review

The Arris X Speed 280 V2 is an upgraded version of the X-Speed 280.

The motor has been upgraded to the ARRIS S2205 2300KV,and adopts the Flycolor Raptor S-Tower BHeli-S 2-4S four-in-one 30A tower.

This 4-in-1 configuration combines the electronic speed controller (ESC) with the F3 controller processor, the power distribution board(PDB) and the on screen display board (OSD).

Combining these previously separate components not only decreases the weight of the Arris X-Speed 280 V2 racing drone, but also makes maintenance easier to perform and reduces wiring clutter.

The transmitter has been upgraded to an AT9S 10ch model (from the AT9) and a 5.8G 40ch video transmission antenna has also been added to X-Speed 280 V2.



Arris X Speed 280 V2 Features

The upgraded Arris S2205 2300KV brushless motors have a long working life due to the brushless nature of the design and are equally highly efficient.

By making use of knul design, cooling systems, hollowed steel prop shaft, and high quality magnets and NSK bearings, these motors really put the X-Speed 280 V2 into a class of its own.

5042 3-blade propellers are used for the X-Speed 280 V2; these propellers are well balanced and powerful (showing 10% more efficiency than standard blades) – the perfect selection for an FPV racing drone.


Arris X Speed 280 V2 Racing Drone
Arris X Speed 280 V2 Racing Drone Review



X-Speed 280 V2 Functions

Manual mode is great for acrobatics such as flips or rolls and FPV is available for when smooth and fast control is required.

Self-level mode is easier to pilot, let the stick settle centrally and the drone simply levels itself out

Videography is supported by the Arris FPV HD ultralight 700TVL 2.8mm lens digital CCD video camera which takes high quality images and gives very stable performance.


ARRIS X-Speed 280 V2 FPV Quadcopter Racing Drone RTF W/ Flycolor Raptor S-Tower 4-in-1 (30A ESC + F3 + OSD + PDB)


In the Box

• X-Speed 280 V2 FPV quadcopter racing drone with canopy

• Flycolor Raptor S-Tower w/ BHeli-S 2-4S 4-in-1 30A ESC + F3 + PDB + OSD

• 4 x Arris S2205 2300KV brushless motor

• 4 x 5042 3-blade propellers

• Sony 700 line camera

• RadioLink AT9S transmitter and R9DS receiver

• X-Speed 280 stickers

• Arris TS5832 5.8G 40CH video TX

• Foxeer 5.8g antenna

• 4S 14.8V 1500mAh 50C Graphene LiPo Battery Pack



Other recommended accessories (not included)

  • Charger: Imax SKYRC B6 AC V2 50W LiPo LiFe LiIon NiMH NiCd Battery Charger Discharger
  • FPV Goggle: Fat Shark Dominator V3



  • Motor: ARRIS S2205 2300KV brushless motor
  • Electronic speed controller (ESC): Flycolor 30A BLheli-s 4 in 1 ESC
  • Flight controller processor: F3
  • Propeller: ARRIS 5042 3 blade propeller
  • Radio: Radiolink AT9S 10CH radio with receiver
  • Battery: ARRIS 4S 14.8V 1500mAh 50C Graphene LiPo Battery Pack
  • Video transmitter: Arris TS5823S 5.8G 40CH video tx
  • Antenna: Foxeer 50cm circular polarized omni antenna




ARRIS 280 V2 Drone Radio Specifications


• Frequency: 2.4GHz ISM band (2400MHz to 2483.5MHz)

• Modulation: QPSK

• Channel bandwidth: 5.0 MHz and 250Kbps

• Spread spectrum: DSSS and FHSS

• Adjacent channel rejection: >38dbm

• Power: less than 100mW (20dbm )

• Current: [email protected]

• Voltage: 7.4~18.0V

• Control range: 900 metres at ground level, approximately 1500 metres in flight depending upon environment and conditions

• Channels: 10 channels: 5-10 channels are customised

• Screen: 2.8” 16 colour 240 x 320 pixel screen

• Support receivers: R9DS(S-BUS&PWM), R10DS and R6DS

• Size: 183 x 100 x 193mm

•Weight: 0.88 kg

The ARRIS X Speed 280 V2 drone has a clean and simple frame with a combined electronic speed controller and power distribution board tower structure; the tower is set up with an integral on-screen display board, so there is no requirement for a separate installation.

The body of the X-Speed 280 V2 is solid, strong and great looking and the combination of the new, and highly efficient, S2205 2300KV upgraded brushless motors with the safe and reliable 4S 14.8V 1500mAh 50C graphene battery pack come together to create a powerful, ready to fly racing drone.



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