Best Underwater Drone Power Vision Power Ray Mind Boggling Facts
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Unveiling the Power Vision Power Ray drone

The biggest world technological show called the CES, takes place each year.

Really it is an event that everyone should look forward to because it also the place where we learn about all the upcoming gadgets for the year.

I love to look forward to it.

It’s very exciting, needless to say.

During the one that was held this year in Las Vegas, I discovered many different gadgets coming out, but I have to admit, it was the drones that really caught my attention.

While there were many different drones being announced by companies like Yuneeq and DJI, today, I am going to talk about a unique drone that was announce:

The Power Vision Power Ray also called the best underwater drone.

Why is it unique?

Let me explain …

underwater drones with camera, best underwater drone, unmanned underwater vehicles
Power Vision Power Ray Mind Boggling Facts

Power vision Power Ray, as you may already know, is a well-known maker of drone-related products based in Beijing.

When they unveiled their new best underwater drone, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

It’s actually shaped like a dolphin (no joke) and this “vehicle” can do a whole lot more than just swim around in the water and capture footage.

Ultra-High Definition Photos

The Power vision Power Ray Dolphin is capable of capturing ultra-high definition photos and footage at 30 FPS, but that isn’t all.

From there, it can even stream it to the user at 1080p, which is really good.

You can remotely rotate the camera up to 135 degrees, with a 215-degree viewing angle.

power vision power ray drone, underwater drone,
Power Vision Power Ray Detect Fish

Drowning Feature

This just so happens to be one of my favorite features about this drone.

I like when a drone is fun, but when there’s a “life-saving” feature built in, that really makes it stand out from the crowd in my book.

Basically, it was designed in a way to deliver a tow cable to anyone that is in danger of drowning.

How cool is that?

Detect Fish

If you like to fish, then this might just be your next best drone!

You see, the Power vision Power Ray Dolphin uses sonar and can detect fish that are as far as 131 feet away and once the fish has been detected, the bait is released.

I’ve looked at many other underwater drones, and this one right here is far more sophisticated than any I have ever looked at before.

It appears as if there is a clear intent behind the design, to catch fish and save lives, much like a dolphin.

Power Vision Power Ray Drone

Great for Adventurous People

If you’re an adventurous person, then this underwater drones with camera would be a great match for you.

It is suitable for water sports, fishing, photography, and even good for scientific researchers and rescue.

4K Footage

It can record 4K footage, which is stored on a MicroSd card – the MicroSD card slot is encased in the hull where it is protected from the water.

I also enjoy the fact that it can live-stream video directly to the user during operation.


The Power Ray Dolphin drone has a headlight at the front of it.

The headlight makes it so that the user can see clearly once the dolphin has reached a depth that is too dark to see or record anything.

Battery Life

Surely you are wondering about the battery life.

Another aspect that I like about this underwater drone is the fact that it is capable of swimming for up to two hours.

That is much better than only lasting for 30 minutes on one charge.

Return Home Feature

In my book, the return feature is something that is always welcome.

This helps to ease the nervousness of losing our special drone and it comes in handy with this drone, since it only has a range of one-mile.

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Power Vision Power Ray Our Take

The Power Vision Power Ray Drone is has been released and it is being sold on Amazon at a price of $ 1,888.00.

As I said, it is great for adventure lovers, people doing scientific research and even lifeguards.

If you had been searching for underwater drones with camera that has all of the neat added-value features attached, then this one right here is highly recommended.

Customer Reviews and Scores

This unmanned underwater vehicles is the best of its kind ever to be released to the public.

It is more than worth the price tag attached to it; check it out by all means if in need of something like it.

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