DJI Phantom Aerial Drone Essential Review
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DJI Phantom Aerial Drone What They Never Told You

When you’re searching for a drone, especially if you are a beginner, it is important that you set some extra time to the side to study the different ones that are currently on the marketplace.

I personally love studying and learning about new drone sand during my latest research, I came across the DJI Phantom Aerial Drone.

Here’s what I believe you should know about this drone …

The DJI Phantom Aerial Drone is a terrific quadcopter for both filmmakers and RC hobbyists.

This quad is made to fly with a GoPro for beautiful video and still pictures.

Boasting professional flight quality, the Phantom Aerial UAV Drone is still easy to learn and a good quad for beginners.

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DJI Phantom Aerial Drone Essential Review

Features and Benefits of the Phantom DJI Phantom Drone

The Phantom Aerial UAV Drone is a complete quadcopter and remote transmitter that comes factory tuned.

The quad offers a rechargeable battery that can last approximately 10-15 minutes.

It recharges in about 60 minutes, although the initial charge for the quad is approximately 12 hours to full charge.

This quad comes equipped with a GoPro mount for magnificent aerial footage.

Advanced GPS positioning for outdoor flight offers a failsafe function.

This fail safe allows for the quad to automatically fly back to its takeoff point should the transmission be lost from the remote.

In addition, the quad comes equipped with a Naza-M autopilot system and Intelligent Orientation Control to allow for flight relative to the base as opposed to front and back.

This is convenient when the quad has traveled too far for visual orientation.

Pros and Cons DJI Phantom Aerial Drone

The DJI Phantom Aerial Drone also called Phantom Aerial UAV Drone is a nice little quadcopter that offers a variety of pros and cons.

Good to know that it does not come with paper instructions due to software that is often update.

DJI offers up to date pdf instructions that allow for easy assembly and use.

The body of the Aerial UAV is very durable and can sustain crashes to a variety of surfaces including trees, grass, and pavement.

The propellers, on the other hand, are less durable, so it’s advisable to use prop guards and purchase spare props.

It should also be noted that the screws in the quad can come loose after prolonged use.

Therefore it’s a good idea to check the tightness of each screw before every flight.

This quad offers relatively stable flight and is able to hover well, even in high winds.

The auto fly-home works well which prevents loss of the quad.

Due to prop vibration, the video often has a “jello” quality, but this is easily fixed by prop stabilizers that are available for additional purchase.

In addition, when using a GoPro with this quad, the Wi-Fi capabilities of the camera need to be turned off because they can interfere with the GPS.

One of the biggest flaws in this quad is the assistance software that has to be configured by PC.

This means that mac users will have a difficult time configuring the quad.

Phantom DJI Phantom Drone

DJI Phantom Aerial Drone Our Take

The DJI Phantom Aerial Drone is a fantastic entry-level, professional quadcopter that is perfect for filmmakers and RC enthusiasts alike.

GoPro compatibility and an auto fly-home feature and key components to make this a convenient and useful quad.

In addition, Intelligent Orientation Control makes it easy for filmmakers to get beautiful panning shots without having to worry about being able to physically see the quad for orientation.

How About the DJI Phantom 2 Drone to follow.

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DJI Phantom Aerial Drone Video

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