Essential DROCON BUGS 3 DRONE True Reviews
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Drocon Bugs 3 drone is a no-fuss, low frills high performance UAV.

This drone is a speedy FPV able to support flight videography – great for drone pilots who enjoy both of these fields of drone flying.

Drocon Bugs 3 (also known as the MJX B3, the Drocon Blue Bugs 3 drone, Force1, F100) is a very competitively priced drone – exceptional, professional performance at a toy price level.

DROCON Bugs 3 Powerful Brushless Motor Quadcopter Drone for Adults and Hobbyilists, High Speed Flying Gopro Drone, Suport Gopro HD Camera 4K Camera, 18Min Flying Time 300 Meters Long Control Range

MJX Brushless Motors for Speed and Efficiency

Fast, efficient, attractive and well designed – the Drocon Bugs 3 drone’s powerful brushless motors pack a lot more bang for your buck than other drones of similar price and size.

The Drocon Bugs 3 could easily lay claim to the title of the world’s finest brushless drone.

The powerful low-maintenance brushless motors not only avoid the inevitable burn-out that brushed motors have to contend with, but also provide impressive power from a neat, good looking drone.

The MT1806 1800kv brushless motors in the Blue Bugs 3 Drone can cope with loads of up to 230g – flying with a GoPro camera mounted is well within the capabilities of the Bugs 3 drone.

MJX’s own motor braking system uniquely manages each motor through the Electronic Speed Controllers to ensure flight safety and to protect the motors.

Drocon bugs 3 drone, drocon bugs 3, drocon blue bugs 3 drone,
Essential DROCON BUGS 3 DRONE True Reviews

Great Flight Times, Powered Efficiently

It is powered by a 7.4V 1800mAh battery with a recharging time of around 240 minutes.

Due to the energy efficiency of the Bugs 3 design and components this battery can support decent flight times of around 18-19 minutes.

The battery is securely held in a well-positioned, cleverly designed and very protective battery holder, providing extra peace of mind for battery safety.

A combination of the high capacity battery and brushless motors means that Drocon Bugs 3 is not only fast but more than able to carry the weight of a sport camera whilst maintaining great flying times.

Drocon Bugs 3 Drone is Built for Speed and for Videography

It features a well-positioned camera mount, with vibration dampening, supports GoPro, Xiaomi Xiaoyi and similar sport cameras.

This allows the Blue Bugs 3 Drone potential racing drone to also perform as an extraordinary aerial videography drone.

Great MJX Design Incorporated in the Drocon Bugs 3

Only pure nylon fibre material had been used for the main body of the Bugs 3 Drone makes for a very rugged drone; the Bugs 3 can withstand swipes and impacts better than most.

This is a solid drone, designed with a centre of gravity that keeps the UAV very steady in flight and able to cope with windy conditions.

Low light and night flying is made attractive and interesting by the bright LED search lights include in the body of the Drocon Bugs 3 drone.

It utilises 2.4G frequency for its transmitters – 2.4G easily and reliably copes with a flying range of 500 metres, 2.4G stability is resistant to signal interference and draws less power from the battery.

Its remote control also incorporates smart alarm functions to alert the pilot if the battery power is low or if the signal is low (range limit warning).

The features of this Bugs 3 UAV from MJX place this drone considerably above other drones in the same price range.

All Packaged In the Bugs 3 Boxes

• Manual

• Transmitter

• b1 x 7.4V 25C 1800mAh Li-Po rechargeable battery

• Secure camera mount

• Charger

• Screwdriver

• 8 blades (including 4 spare blades)

• Blade protectors

• Landing skid

MJX Drocon Bugs 3 Drone Specifications

• Size: 440 x 440 x 150mm (with prop guards)

• Weight: 447g (with battery / without prop guards)

• Design: Rugged high-intensity nylon fiber quad copter body

Camera mount: specifically designed camera mount compatible with GoPro and Xiaomi Xiaoyi or similar action/sports cameras

• Motors: MT 1806 1805 1800KV brushless motors / 190mm propellers – four separate brushless quadcopter motors (rotors)

• Maximum payload: 230g

• Battery: 7.4V 1800mAh 25C Li Po

• Charging time: about 240 minutes

• Flight time: approximately 18-20 minutes (without payload) / 10-15 minutes (with camera and landing legs payload)

• Transmitter: two-way 2.4GHz

• RC: intuitive controls with dual alarms, low signal and low battery

• RC power: 4 AAA batteries (not included)

• Range: approximately 500 meters

• Features: 2 speed (High and Low), 3D flips

The Drocon Bugs 3 is an excellent entry level priced drone that combines racer capabilities with aerial photography functionality.

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