Beebeerun Wifi FPV RC Quadcopter Drone with Camera 


❖ Damage Resistance: Best chioce for beginner
√ Crash test: crash from flight altitude, bearing collision several times, no serious damage or dysfunctional appearance.
√ Drop test: high meters vertical drop three times, no serious damage or dysfunctional appearance.
√ Bend test: Blade can be bend into 90°,  no crush.
√ Press test: Forced to press the drone, no serious damage or dysfunctional appearance.
❖ Features
∙ TRAJECTORY FLYING – Trace the desired flight path on your phone screen and the drone will go forwards it.
∙ BAROMETRIC RATING – the ability to analyze surrounding environments like wind, air pressure and hold itself stably in a certain altitude.
∙ BARREL ROLL – Pressing special move button, quadcopter will automatically adjust to the best possible position. Then do a barrel roll to any direction.
❖ Specification
∙ Item size– 9 x 9 inches (accounting the wind sticks)
∙ Weight–100 g / 0.22 lbs (no need to register with FAA)
∙ Charging time– 30-100 minutes based on power source, or till charger glows red
∙ Flying time– 10 minutes without using the special move function. 7-8 minutes for average usage
❖ Package
∙ Quadcopter * 1 (includes 1*camera, 1*3.7V 600 mAh Li-po battery, 4* main blades)
∙ Remote controller * 1 (battery excluded)
∙ Extra Main Blades * 4
∙ Bag of Extra Screws * 1
∙ USB charging cable * 1
∙ Screwdriver * 1
∙ User Manual * 1

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EAN List Element: 0650234109996

Item Dimensions

Height: 400, Length: 990, Weight: 120, Width: 990



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Height: 591, Length: 988, Weight: 150, Width: 969

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Beebeerun Wifi FPV Quadcopter Drone with Camera Live Video 2.4GHz 6-Gyro Headless Mode Altitude Hold One-Key Function VR Headset-Compatible Gravity Induction Damage Resistance, Black


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UPC List Element: 650234109996


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