Top Rova Flying Selfie Drone in Depth Review
rova flying selfie drone

Rova Flying Selfie Drone Full Scope

There is a new buzz going around nowadays among hobbyists and even not so hobbyists call “drones”.

There are drones all sort of things today.

But before we go deep down into the matter, let’s define drone.

What is a drone? Even better what is a selfie drone?

Rova Flying Selfie Drone
Top Rova Flying Selfie Drone Flight

A Drone is generally defined as drones (quadcopters) are unmanned aerial vehicles that are extremely fun to fly (especially if you love this type of stuff).

In this day, the word “drone” is normally used when talking about some kind of remote controlled unmanned aircraft – this could mean a quadcoptor or even a slightly more advanced octocopter.

Take note that when we refer to “quadcopter,” we are referring to “drones, quadcopters and UAVs – we’re telling this so that you do not get confused.

A selfie drone is a small, unmanned flying vehicle used to take photos or videos from an aerial perspective.

Using at least three propellers and typically less than two feet in diameter, a selfie drone is remote controlled.

Rova Flying Selfie Drone or Rova Selfie Drone

Are you ready to take those selfies to an entire new level?

Yes, there’s the ever so popular selfie stick, but sometimes, a stick just isn’t enough.

For those of you that just don’t comprehend the stick and want something a little more advances, there’s a cool new alternative.

A startup from Sydney, Australia, called the IoT Group came up with a pretty cool idea – the Rova Selfie Drone.

Definition of the Rova Selfie Drone

Essentially, as the name indicates, the Rova selfie drone is a flying selfie camera.

You have full control of the drone with your iPhone or tablet.

It features a nice 12MP camera, which is more than enough for taking a pretty selfie.

Capable of Shooting Video

The Rova Flying Selfie Drone is also capable of shooting video, which is good news for those of you that prefer video.

It can shoot 1080P video at a total of 60 frames per second.

The pictures and video can be stored on your iPhone, or you can choose to store it on the 16GB microSD card that is included with the drone.

What Does the Rova Selfie Camera Come with?

When you are about to receive the Rova Selfie camera which has been sent out to you, you will receive the rova flying selfie drone and two batteries.

Each battery will give you up to eight minutes of flight time, so with two batteries, you’ll get a total of 16 minutes in the sky, which should be more than enough time to take a selfie.

You will also receive a USB charging cable and we cannot forget about the portable carrying case.

Also, there’s a set of four bumpers that will make the drone safer while it’s in the air.

Rova Flying Selfie Drone

Is it Safe to use?

We know what you’re thinking – you’re probably wondering if this drone is safe.

There’s object avoidance technology, so there’s no need to worry about getting hurt by the propellers.

In fact, the propellers are enclosed, so the product is very safe.

As we mentioned above, it also comes with bumpers that you can attach to the frame of the drone – this–is going to add an extra layer of safety.

This drone is great for beginners because you will be able to keep the drone’s body in good shape while you learn to fly.

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Aren’t Drones Hard to Fly?

This is a company that has put a large amount of thoughts into making a drone that is easy to fly and safe.

While many people find drones intimidating to use, this companies has gone out of their way in order to simplify the experience.

It’s so easy to fly that beginners can use it in order to master aerial photography.

So, even if you have never picked up a controller before and have no experience whatsoever with a drone, this one right here is a good option.

In all honesty, it sure does beat that selfie stick.

Rova Flying Selfie Drone
Rova Flying Selfie Drone Couple Enjoying a Selfie Moment

Our Verdict on The Rova Flying Selfie Drone

For those of you that enjoy taking selfies for whatever reason, the Rova Flying Selfie Drone is a viable option.

As we stated in this review, it’s so easy to use that even a beginner can pick it up and start using it right away.

This selfie drone is much better than the selfie stick – you’ll just have to use it in order to see what we mean.

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